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Life in Balance

My name is Joellyn Johnson, M.S. I specialize in a variety of emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges that impact academic performance as well as satisfaction in work and social situations. I have a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy/Educational Psychology from New Mexico State University. Before beginning my private practice, I worked for 9 years as an ADHD/Organizational coach at Reed College in Portland, where I helped many students with emotional, organizational, and academic concerns achieve their educational and life goals.

My philosophy follows a strengths-based, wellness model. This means that individuals are understood from a holistic and developmental perspective and seen as possessing innate strengths that will enable them to be successful. Through the implementation of specific strategies my coaching model guides individuals to makes changes in an emotionally safe environment. Life Coaching emphasizes supporting individuals through developmental and other life transitions. ADHD Coaching helps individuals with: focus/sustaining attention, containing distractions, keeping on task, time management, environmental issues impacting successful study/concentation, motivation, and managing anxiety. ADHD Couple Counseling addresses these issues in a relational context.


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