Organizational Consultation

In addition to my private coaching practice, I, Joellyn, am an ADHD Coach with RJCG, an organizational consulting group focused on improving health and optimal functioning for individuals and groups in business settings. In this role, I help individuals in various levels of organizations overcome the challenges associated with ADHD (focus/sustaining attention, time management, procrastination, etc.), leading to increased job performance and the attainment of career and job-related goals. For more information about our coaching/consulting services please visit or call 503-313-5186.

RJCG focuses on empowering individuals, groups, and organizations to improve their leadership effectiveness, resolve interpersonal challenges, and create collaborative, inspired, high-performing teams. We do this through personalized assessment and interventions.


  • RJCG Consultants have advanced degrees in counseling, specialized training in consultation and coaching, and a passion for helping individuals and organizations reach their goals. Rick Johnson, Ph.D., the founder of RJCG, is a Licensed Psychologist and a Certified PRINT® Coach.    


  • Unique Differentiated Leadership model, which promotes healthy leadership skills
  • Certified PRINT® Coaching
  • Support for all levels of the organization, from individual contributor to executive
  • Consultants who are experienced therapists
  • Ability to resolve employee conflict and restore trust and collaboration
  • Team approach that draws upon the collective skills of our consultants
  • Personalized service and tailored interventions rather than “drive-by” consultation


  • Initial Assessment and Discovery Meeting to assess the scope of the needs
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment of organizational culture and processes, leading to specific recommendations for building on strengths and addressing challenges
  • Personalized Interventions that match the right RJCG Consultant across any combination of (a) Level in the organization, (b) Format: individual, dyad, small or large group, (c) Specific Issue: e.g., leadership or interpersonal skill deficits, workplace tension, ADHD, and (d) Coaching Method: teaching & process facilitation


  • Individual Executive Coaching occurs in a one-on-one format and focuses on optimizing leadership skills, addressing individual and organizational challenges, and actualizing creative visions
  • Team Building is tailored to level in the organization, occurs in a small group format, and focuses on building cohesion, trust, effective communication, and accountability among team members
  • Conflict Resolution is tailored to level in the organization, occurs in individual, dyad and small group formats, and focuses on reducing tension and rebuilding trust, harmony, and collaboration
  • Targeted Group Trainings on topics such as such as PRINT®, diversity, stress reduction, and psychological safety


Individuals or groups at the following organizations have received consultation or coaching from RJCG: Nike, Adidas, Intel, Amazon, RSM, Discogs, PSU, OHSU, Oregon House Democratic Caucus, Central Geotechnical Services, Aunt Fannies, The Society Hotel, Accretech SBS, Budget Blinds, Two Things, Good and Gold, Hollywood Theatre/Movie Madness, Slumberkins, among many others.